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Boldenone Undecaonate is
very strong anabolic steroid, which is normally connected to the androgenic effect of pain. For this reason, Equipoise is not just a steroid that causes a substantial increase in muscle mass and strength in a relatively short period of time. Equipoise has a very good effect on nitrogen balance, and that the main effect is a significant increase in protein synthesis in muscle cells. High quality boldenone is caused by low water retention of the substance. A further advantage is that Boldenone slightly to aromatize
A synthetic derivative of testosterone with androgenic and anabolic effect. In men it stimulates spermogenezę, development of testes, seminal vesicles, prostate, also determines the development of secondary and tertiary sexual characteristics. In women, it shows antagonistic action to estogenów. In both men and women anabolic works. To improve the tolerability of nitrogen, calcium, sodium, potassium, chlorine and phosphorus in the body, leading to an increase in bone mass and muscle, water retention in the body, stimulate bone growth. Eytropoezę stimulates and increases vascularisation of the skin. In the highly bound to plasma proteins.
It is well-liked steroid in many sports, such was. Used by Ben Johnson. It is a good steroid, provided that we use it properly. It is also important, because injections are more effective than the tablet. Good results can be achieved after only 50 mg / week. It is good before the competition, along with a low calorie diet (rich in protein) gives a high quality muscle. Overall accelerates ...
Nandrolone Decanoate is an anabolic preparation for intramuscular use. The active ingredient is nandrolone. Acid dekanianowy suitable prolongation of the formulation to about three weeks after injection. Nandrolone is chemically similar to testosterone. In comparison with the testosterone anabolic effect it is greater and weaker androgenic activity. Also, clinical observations confirm the weak androgenic activity of nandrolone. In humans the Deca-Durabolin positive effect on calcium metabolism ...
Metanabol (metandienon)
It is currently one of the most popular steroids used in our country. They reach for him, mainly novice bodybuilders. Enjoyed mainly by the desire as soon as possible weight gain. Overdose of the drug may cause side effects such as cholestasis, liver damage, in young people can lead to inhibition of growth in children premature ossification of cartilage ...
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Testosterone Propionate
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Trenbolone Acetate Schree
Pregnyl 5000 IU Organon
Winstrol Stanozolol Desma
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Testosterone Propionate
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